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03 May 2011


Please Release Me
recorded by Eddy Arnold
written by Eddie Miller, Dub Williams, Robert Yount
G        C        G      C
Please release me let me go
D7                      G
For I don’t love you anymore
             C           G    C
To waste our lives would be a sin
G              D7           G
Release me and let me love again

The Secret Holocaust Diaries 
       C       G        C
I have found a new love dear 
D7                         G
And I will always want her near
             C          G         C
Her lips are warm while yours are cold
G             D7             G
Release me my darling let me go
         C        G         C
Please release me can’t you see 
 D7                         G
You’d be A fool to cling to me
          C         G        C
To live a lie would bring us pain
G                 D7          G
So release me and let me love again
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