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05 March 2011

NEON LIGHTS (PhotoShop Effect)


To create the effect of Neon Lights, follow the steps belows (Ikuti langkah-langkah di bawah ini:
  • Open an image that you would like to manipulate. Make sure your image is in RGB mode. To check this, go to Image under the menu bar - Mode - RGB Color. (Buka gambar yang ingin Anda manipulasi. Pastikan gambar Anda dalam mode RGB Color.)
    Make a duplicate of this layer as you will be working on this layer going forward.(
    Buatlah duplikat layer karena Anda akan bekerja pada layer ini.)

  • Filter - Stylize - Find Edges
  • Invert the layer with keyboard shortcut Ctrl-I. (Balikan layer dengan shortcut keyboard--Ctrl-I)

Good Luck...
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