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21 February 2011



The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Creating
Your First Website (now with free ‘follow-along’ videos)
This eBook is proudly brought to you by Chip

This book is created and written by Chris Farrell.
Chris Farrell began Internet Marketing in Feb 2008. Within 6 months he was
having his first $250/days.
Within 9 months Chris had his first $1000/days (all figures verifiable).
Chris is now a full time Internet Marketer and Product Developer.
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This eBook is Copyright © Chris Farrell 2009. Exclusive permission to distribute this eBook has been granted to Chip.

Table of Contents

PART 1 Introduction
PART 2 Do I need my Own Website?
PART 3 How To Start Creating.
PART 4 Downloading and Installing
PART 5 Domain Name Servers
PART 6 Creating Your First Webpage
PART 7 Saving Files Correctly
PART 8 Publishing Your First Web Page
PART 9 Fonts, Images and Color
PART 10 Creating a link
PART 11 Creating another page
PART 12 Resizing Your Page
PART 13 Putting text into a Table
PART 14 So now what?
PART 15 A Final Word


Three little letters. One massive opportunity. The World Wide Web. Surely the most incredible invention we will witness in our lifetime. What is just as incredible however, are the jaw-dropping incomes that many are claiming to make, per day, per week, per month – simply by using the world wide web. And they claim to be making this money while working from home. Naturally, we are all intrigued. We want more information. Can these figures really be achieved? And if so, by somebody such as…well…me?
In the last few years in particular, there has been a web explosion of eyepopping headlines of earning potential, simply by working from home with your own website. And what’s even more incredible is that– YES! – it would appear that anyone can do this. Come on? Anyone? Really?
Ready for the truth?

A personal note
Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be writing an eBook about creating a website. Yet without hesitation I can tell you why I have written this – FRUSTRATION.
Not-knowing-where-to-start, hair-pulling-out, going-to-bed-at-2am, kicking-thecomputer…frustration. For a long time I wanted to set up my own home based business, selling products on line. I had researched the subject matter tremendously, and understood the concept and that a great income could indeed be made.
I also understood that vital to my success, was a website. I was more than happy to pay for a professional to help me with this, but before I did, I wanted to understand the basics myself. Should be easy enough, I thought. That was my first mistake. Trying to locate a SIMPLE beginner’s guide to creating a website was like trying to squeeze wine from a rock.
I was amazed. Such a product did not seem to exist. Sure, there were lots of so called ‘beginners’ guides out there, many in fact, but even these – without exception – became too complicated too quickly. Before I knew it I was reading about html coding, DNS server settings, FTP programs…

This was a foreign language to me.
What I wanted was a real beginners beginners guide. But I couldn’t find anything close. Even the ‘Computers for Dummies’ series went into far too much detail and information.

My initial enthusiasm began to slowly seep away, and was replaced instead, by frustration.

Maybe you have experienced this for yourself. I know a lot of people have.

But I refused to be beaten

So I set about on a mission to educate myself. I invested in having a few one-to-one lessons, immersed myself with many different tutorials, downloaded various courses, and over time – at last – I taught myself the BASICS of how to get a website created and online.
Since then, I have had many people ask me the same question – ‘how do you do it?’ And it is for that reason, that I have written this eBook.

This is my PROMISE to you:

By the end of this eBook, you will have a working website with
multiple pages, including a main page, and links to other pages and
other sites. More importantly, you will know how to create, design and
publish your site so that you can design new sites any time you want.

Before we begin - a few facts.
FACT! The majority of people setting up a web based business do notmake any money.

FACT! Fantastic incomes on the web CAN be made. But - and it is a BIG ‘but’ – just like any business, to reach these dizzying heights you will have to be prepared to put in the hard work.
Simply put, you are NOT going to make (let’s say) $15,000 a month by clicking your mouse a few times….
However…you COULD make $15,000 a month by clicking your mouse a few times…IF YOU SPEND SOME TIME SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS CORRECTLY.
Most people don’t. The reason? Most people get blinded by other people’s income. We all see these fantastic headlines, and want a piece of it. We sign up for information, maybe purchasing a product or two (or three or four) along the way.
And then, slowly but surely, we get caught up in information overload. Suddenly we are receiving 14 emails a day, all from different companies, all sounding too good to be true, all offering similar sounding products that we must BUY NOW.
It’s easy to find yourself in this situation.
Type in ‘home based business’ in Google. I found 75 million sites when I did! 75 million!! No wonder people get lost.

Information overload. What do you literally do next when faced with so much information?
Where do you turn?
We all know what happens when we find ourselves in this situation. Our original enthusiasm disappears and is replaced by… FRUSTRATION.
Have you been there? I certainly have.

FACT! Establishing an Internet Business is a slow process.
FACT! Not everyone can make money online.

FACT! A lot of people suffer from the misguided belief that the web is a magic wand. It isn’t. However –
FACT! Let me re-iterate my earlier point and say that is that $15,000 a month (even a week) can be made, but only when you have spent time (and money) understanding how this business works.
The best advice I had about setting up my online business was as follows:

“…treat setting up an online business as seriously as setting up an offline business..”

Like any business, the amount of hard work you put in now, will be proportionate to the dividends it will pay later. You reap what you sow.

There are fundamentally four elements all vital to the success of your online business.

  • Possessing the right attitude
  • Having a website
  • Having a product/products to market
  • Being knowledgeable of how to market your product(s)

This eBook is designed to address the second element – your website.
Ok. Ready? Good. Let’s begin.
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