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22 February 2011

Obama Meeting Zuckerberg, Jobs, Schmidt In San Francisco Tonight

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg will join other technology executives like Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt at a San Francisco meeting tonight convened by President Barack Obama, mostly to discuss job creation and other economic stimuli.
The meeting beginning at 6:45 pm Pacific Standard Time will happen at a “private residence” and will exclude members of the press, according to the president’s official schedule posted online. (We wonder whether the location might be Steve Jobs’ home.)
The event has the overt objective of following up on a White House-led initiative to encourage entrepreneurship and anything else that the technology companies could do to help stimulate the economy. But surely tonight’s discussion will also include recent events in the Middle East — how might social media enabled activists to organize protests, and whether local governments’ attempts to block access to the Internet could use some intervention by the U.S. executive branch.
Do you think the technology executives should ask Obama to engage in foreign diplomacy in the Middle East to foster universal access to the Internet?
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